Effective media relations solutions for businesses and nonprofits ready to boost their visibility and get seen in Sacramento and beyond.

Your organization is doing incredible things in your community, but it has been difficult to get noticed by the people you’re serving and build relationships with local partners. It’ll take more than a standard press release to get your story out into the world. Ready to crack the PR code and make a larger impact?

Build Relationships • Show Up Confidently • Promote Your Cause • Secure Sponsors

• Make an Impact

Our media and PR services are hand-tailored to your needs.
We’ll help your business stand out from the crowd on any media platform, tell your powerful story, and get results.


How do you get the media to take your call, read your email and cover your story? Kellie DeMarco Communications can connect you with the right people and give you the tools to create content that is visually interesting, newsworthy and reaches the biggest audience.


A well-prepared spokesperson helps your audience hear and believe your organization’s message and that will positively impact business. Kellie can teach you the secrets of being successful on camera and how to come across confident, prepared and look the part


There’s no better way of telling your story or your company’s mission, then by showing it on compelling video. Set yourself apart with Kellie’s professional video packaging you can use for web, social media and client communications.


Credibility is earned and your audience needs someone they can trust and enjoy watching! Let veteran journalist Kellie DeMarco represent your company by speaking on your behalf as an Emcee, Panelist, Interviewer or Spokeswoman.


Giving back and supporting your community is so important, but it’s not easy to organize, raise money and get the right people connected to your cause. Kellie DeMarco can help you navigate what it takes to make a difference and get it covered by the media!


Facebook, Instagram & Twitter are essential to reaching your target audience. Let us show you how to leverage those platforms using an effective communications strategy with video, content and a voice that gets results.

Meet Kellie DeMarco

You’ve trusted me and invited me into your living room as a local news anchor and journalist for nearly 20 years. I’ve helped tell the stories of hundreds of local organizations both on and off camera in an effort to bring positive news to our city, and I know a thing or two about smart PR that captures attention.

The secret? Ditch the generic media content you’ve been told to write… and tell powerful, exciting stories about the good you’re doing in the world. Stories that invite your ideal audience to participate.

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