I’ve seen thousands of press releases slide across my desk in my 20 years as a news anchor.

Sadly, most of those press releases didn’t even stand a chance.

The ones we couldn’t share on air weren’t awful… they just weren’t captivating. They weren’t exciting, gripping, or powerful enough to share with our viewers. So we had to reject them.

This killed me.

The organizations who submitted the releases were doing important work in our community. Some were promoting new products or services and all had big plans for the future. Their words just weren’t conveying the depth of the impact they were making. They lost a chance at valuable publicity as a result.

I knew that with a little bit of coaching, they could stand out from the crowd and capture the media’s attention… allowing them to reach more people and leave an even bigger legacy.

Hi, I’m Kellie!

And I Want To Be YOUR Advocate.

Many organizations struggle to get their foot in the door, make connections with the right people, and get media coverage for their events… even if they have a PR employee on their team!

This is because occasional social media posts and basic press releases aren’t enough to make a splash in the fast-moving (and ever-evolving) media landscape. Boring content will be buried within a few minutes. To make an impact, you have to do something different.

Your organization needs to tell exciting stories in a creative way that your ideal audience will relate to and want to be part of.

People Are Yearning For GOOD Stories About GOOD Work In The World.

This is not only my mission as a journalist, it’s also why I created Kellie DeMarco Communications. I want to help you amplify your voice and connect you with the right people who want to be part of your story. Your business is too good to stay invisible.

You’re doing amazing things and your clients need to hear about it!

Let’s Work Together!

Looking for media training, professional speaking representation, social media strategy, video production, press release development, or a long-term relationship with a PR pro?