Community Outreach

Giving back is one of the most meaningful and important things we can do as business leaders. But, just like running a business, organizing a fundraising event or community project takes a team of people working together with a strong plan in place. Kellie DeMarco has worked with several non-profits from the ground up, raising money on their behalf and consulting with city and state agencies to get community projects completed. There is a strategy to picking the right cause, reaching the right donors and then showcasing your efforts to the right audience to get your VOICE HEARD in the community. We want to share our contacts and advice with you to create the most successful game plan, moving forward. Let’s get started!


We’ll Work Together To:

Create a custom strategic plan to launch and manage the details of your event or cause

Connect you with other community leaders for support and partnerships

Find sponsors to donate to your event or cause

Complete any necessary application processes for fundraising grants

Create content for your social media platforms to get the word out and build trust

Help showcase your cause and tell your story

Get the media (TV, Radio, Print, Digital) to cover it

Set weekly goals to achieve the results you want

*Kellie DeMarco would love to emcee your event. Just ask!