Media Relations

STAND OUT on multiple platforms, REACH new audiences and build TRUST along the way. Working with the media is a great way to get you more exposure in a creative way, through quality storytelling and visual elements. This also helps with your brand perception and gives your audience a closer look at what you’re all about.

If you think it’s easy to get media attention, think again. A typical newsroom gets thousands of press releases, emails and invitations to cover a story or an event– every single day. Kellie DeMarco’s connections from working in the media for nearly 20 years will get you in front of the decision-makers in a newsroom that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Custom Packages May Include:

Access to our media contacts (TV, Radio, Print, Digital) to tell your story in a creative way

Help with coordinating coverage and setting up interviews

Custom storytelling about your businesses or non-profit to your target audience

Crisp copy that is easy to understand, newsworthy and gets attention

Custom strategy designed to help you create a positive, consistent message