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SEINT Makeup

Hello, Gorgeous!

As a mother, businesswoman and on-camera coach, looking and feeling my best are keys to my success. Beauty and confidence comes from within, but some fabulous makeup and easy application tips have helped me along the way! I want to share all that I’ve learned from my 20 years on-camera with YOU because helping women is my number one goal.

I became an artist for SEINT makeup as part of Kellie DeMarco Communications because I’m in love with cream foundation and how it makes my skin look and feel. I also wanted to share makeup tips with women who may never have gotten any personalized advice before. I have loved color matching women of all ages and hearing how it’s made them feel… what a gift! I can help you find the perfect shades that will match your skin tone, conceal any  skin issues and bring out your beautiful “glow from within”. Just fill out my simple color match survey below and let’s get started!

I’ll give you my personal recommendations to help you look and feel YOUR best, too… whether that’s on camera, your next Zoom call, or just out and about with girlfriends! I only share products I’ve tried and love, that I know you’ll love as well! 

What is SEINT

and Why is it My Absolute Favorite Makeup?

Do you have a drawer full of random makeup you never use? Do you feel like you’re always trying new products only to be let down after spending a ton of money?

It’s been so hard to find the perfect shade of foundation and really know how to use it to bring out our best features… until now! All of SEINT’S IIID colors are cream based which makes blending super easy. I’ve been trained to look at skin tone and texture to find the right colors that conceal and highlight. So, whether you’re dealing with redness, acne, dark circles, melasma, sun damage or fine lines, this all-natural makeup will look great on your skin, it lasts all day and it’s affordable!

All of my makeup now fits in ONE small palette with colors custom to me! I use a couple double-ended brushes and boom- that’s all I’ll ever need!

Here on my website, I offer media relations services, video production for your business, on-camera coaching and courses and now… my quick, quality, streamlined makeup routine! You’ve asked me for years what makeup colors I used on TV, now I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing all my favorite products and application tips I got from makeup consultants along the way! I can’t wait to see you SHINE!!!

What my clients Say

I get asked all the time about hair, clothes and makeup

After being on TV for 20 years, I’ve worked with countless beauty consultants who gave me direct feedback on:  

  • What colors look best on certain skin tones
  • How to style my hair so it looks professional
  • How to apply makeup to look flawless on camera

I WISH I had known about SEINT makeup then… because I’m obsessed with it now!!!

SEINT's cream foundation is customized to you. It all clicks into gorgeous, simple palettes, so everything you need is in one place!

No more searching through your makeup bag or drawers for a million different products

No more spilling powders or breaking compacts

No more using liquid foundation that actually settles into your wrinkles and magnifies them

No more spending time you don’t have putting on layers of makeup you don’t need!

It’s all-natural and so easy to use! Once I get you color-matched, I’m telling you… You’ll look like a million bucks!!

I’ll show you how to place each color in very specific areas on your face to enhance the features you want to highlight and hide the features you don’t.

I’m here for you every step of the way!

XO, Kellie

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