Social Media Strategy

Social media is no longer an optional communications strategy. If you’re not up to date with the latest pages and platforms, your customers will have a hard time finding you and connecting with you on a more personal level. Are you ready to grow your number of followers and turn them into paying customers? Are you ready to reach more people while telling your story in a meaningful and targeted way?

Kellie DeMarco Communications will show you the most effective ways to cross-promote your business on all social media platforms. It’s not just about clicks and likes, pictures and hashtags, it’s about building trust and a relationship with your audience. Let us give you the VOICE to share your story in a creative way. Let us SAVE YOU TIME. After all, you’ve got a successful business to run!

Custom Packages May Include:

Create engaging social media pages that grab your audience’s attention

Generate more followers that turn into paying clients

Produce original content that is visually interesting

Design a custom look consistent with your brand

Develop a relationship that connects you with your target audience

Learn which social media sites work best for you

Develop targeted digital ads

Strategize content that gains traction and “shares”

*Video production available on request